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Connect Your Charger – PC/Laptop

Step 1 - Create Your ChargePoint Account

If you are new to ChargePoint, make sure you have created a ChargePoint Account. If you haven’t, use the following link to complete this initial step:

Create a ChargePoint Account

Step 2 - Log-In and Connect to the ZAPBC Network

Once your account is created, log-in.

Click on the connections tab:

At the top of the screen, find the “Enter your connection code” box.

Type in: zapbcprogram1 (use all lower case, no spaces)

Then click “Apply”

When this bar appears, click on “Request”

You will then be asked to provide the required information:

and agree with the terms and conditions.

Once you agree, click on “Request Connection.”

You will receive an email approving your connection and your profile (basic information) will appear under the connection tab with the status “Approved”

What Happens Now?

We will receive a notification directly from ChargePoint when you connect. You do not have to forward your connection email to us.

Once the 3 steps above are complete, you can proceed to make your claim.

When we receive your complete claim, and verify your connection, and claim documents, your rebate will be issued.

You can expect to receive your rebate within 2 weeks.

We do not issue rebates to customers until you are connected to both networks.

Still have questions? Contact us.

 ZAPBC is a privately funded program and is a part of the SCRAP-IT family of environmental programs.