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Option 2 – Do it Yourself Details

Option 2 – Do it Yourself

Step 1 - Apply

Complete our simple application form.

Your application will remain active in our system for 30 days. If you have not completed a claim before your application expires you may not be entitled to an incentive from our program as the number of incentives available is limited.

Please make sure you read all of our Option 2 Program Policies to make sure you understand how this option works.

Step 2 - Purchase your Charger

You must purchase your ChargePoint Charger from one of our approved suppliers below.

Once your charger is installed, and activated on the ChargePoint Network and connected to ZAPBC, we will provide you with a refund of 100% of the cost of your charger. Please note we do not refund you for taxes (PST/GST) the customer is responsible for the payment of taxes on the charger.




Step 3 - Create Your ChargePoint Account

If you are hiring/arranging for your own electrician, it will save you some time/money if you create your ChargePoint account before the electrician arrives at your home to install your new charger.

If you are installing the charger yourself, in order to activate it on the ChargePoint and ZAPBC network, you will need to create a ChargePoint account.

Click here to visit the ChargePoint website page that provides all the details related to activating an account.

This step will need to be complete before you attempt to connect your charger to the ChargePoint network and/or the ZAPBC Home Incentive Program.

Step 4 - Arrange Your Own Installation

We recommend that you contact a certified red seal electrician to help you with your installation.

Once the charger is installed, you must connect it to your ChargePoint account, and to ZAPBC.

Detailed step-by-step instructions on how to do this can be found here.

Step 5 - Claim Your Rebate

Visit our Claim Page and complete the form with the information required.

If you purchased your charger from Foreseeson Technology (1 item required):

  1. Upload a clear copy of the purchase invoice you received from Foreseeson Technology.

If you purchased your charger from London Drugs (2 items required):

  1. Cut out the portion of the charger’s box that has the UPC code and serial number on it. Upload a clear copy of the cut-out.
  2. Upload a clear copy of the payment receipt provided by London Drugs.

Acceptable image file types for uploads include: JPG, PNG, PDF, etc.

Make sure your charger is connected to the ZAPBC organization. Rebate cheques will not be issued until we verify that your charger is connected to our network.

What Happens Next?

We will receive notification that you are connected. You do not have to forward your confirmation (connection) email to us.

Once we receive your claim, and verify your connection, your cheque will be issued.

You can expect to receive your cheque within 4 weeks of us receiving both your claim and confirmation of connection to the network.

 ZAPBC is a privately funded program and is a part of the SCRAP-IT family of environmental programs.