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EV Charging Info

We get a lot of questions about EV charging, we’ve put this page together to help!

We will continue to add information as the program grows.

How fast is a Level 2 fast charger?

All electric vehicles can be plugged into a 110V outlet to charge. Most owners use Level 2 chargers (240V) which give an EV battery a full charge within 4-6 hours. Click here to see average charging times for most EVs.

How much does the electricity cost?

CAA has an easy to use cost calculator for anyone thinking about buying an EV.

What are the electrical requirements for EV charging?

Please visit this page and scroll down to the Municipal section. Here you will find a summary of the by-laws by city.

Are there other rebates or incentives for home charging aside from yours?

Yes, BC Hydro provides charger rebates. Please check their web site for the latest information. The BC Hydro rebate cannot be combined with the ZAPBC rebate. You must chose one or the other.

Need help finding an electrician?

The Electrical Contractors Association of British Columbia (ECABC) represents approximately 150 members across the province including open shop and union electrical contractors, line contractors, and associate members. Click here to search their database for a contractor near you.

Dealing with a Strata Property?

Setting up electric vehicle charging in stratified buildings can be a complex process. This website walks EV owners, strata councils and property managers through typical steps in the process.

How do I apply for an HOV Lane Sticker?

HOV Lane access is granted by the BC Provincial Government. Click here to access the information page with a downloadable application form.