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Option 1 – FAQs

ZAPBC is not a provincial or federal government program. The funding for incentives comes from a private source.


Are there any limits to the number of chargers I can get installed in my home?
Yes. Currently each homeowner is limited to 1 installation per household. If for any reason you need more than 1 installation, please contact us and provide us with the details. We will make exceptions for additional installations on a case-by-case basis.

How many rebates are available?
For the 2019 calendar year we have 1,000 rebates available.

Why do I have to apply in order to get a quote?
Every home has unique factors that need to be taken into consideration when providing a quote. In order for us to provide you with an accurate, competitive quote the information in the application form is required. We do not provide quotes based on verbal information received over the phone.

After installation, will I own the charger, or am I just leasing it from ChargePoint?
You will own the charger, it is not a lease.

If I decide that I no longer want to have an account with ChargePoint, can I still use the charger, or will to be remotely deactivated or removed by Chargepoint?
Your obligation to ZAPBC (agreed to in the application process) is to keep the charger activated on the ChargePoint network for as long as you own it.

If I move, can I take the Chargepoint charger with me to my new residence?
Yes, if you move you can take the charger with you. The electrical costs associated with that will be yours to pay. Your obligation under our program is to re-connect it to the ChargePoint network once it’s re-installed.

Can I re-install the charger myself if I move?
We never recommend that a customer install their own charger. If any problem occurs as a result of that action (e.g. fire) your home insurance policy would very likely be void once an assessment of the cause of damage was completed by your insurance company. This is something you should look into with your insurance company, independent of our program.

What do I do if my charger isn’t working?
STEP 1 – Visit the ChargePoint Troubleshooting page to see if you can solve the problem quickly on your own.
STEP 2 – If your charger is less than 3 years old (i.e. you had it installed by us within the last 3 years) please call Foreseeson Technology Inc., at 1-877-239-6077 for assistance.


Why is there a qualification step?
This step is to protect you, the customer, from investing time into submitting an application only to find out later that you do not live in one of our current service areas, or that the installation costs could be significant. If you do not have your own electrical meter or, if you don’t have WiFi (internet connection) these are things that can add significant cost to an installation. It’s best if you do some research into the costs of these items before applying to our program.

What things can disqualify my home from getting one of your incentives?
Not living in our current service area, not having your own electrical meter, not having a WiFi (internet connection) and not having either a VISA or MasterCard.

If I don’t own the home (rental, lease or other arrangement) do I have to get written permission from my landlord to apply to your program?
Yes. You should get written permission from your Landlord to install our complete EV charging solution because there will be alterations made to the property and your Landlord will likely want to know about that (please check your lease and/or agreement with your Landlord). This permission does not have to be submitted to ZAPBC. This is something that applicants are completely and independently responsible for. ZAPBC only includes this policy statement to ensure applicants have taken this into consideration.

The following installation questions and answers should be seen as guidelines. Only a professional, red seal electrician can provide you with the specific electrical advice your home may require.


Can I get a plug-in model and install it myself?
No. See the next question.

I think I can install a charger myself, why do I have to pay an electrician to do it?
(1) Applicants may not, under any circumstances, install their own charger or EV charging system and receive an incentive through our program. Our funding relies on our ability to prove that the installation was complete, performed by a certified red seal electrician, and activated on the ChargePoint network. The electrician provides our program with this assurance and as a result, we are able to provide the citizens of BC with a $1,100 incentive.
(2) A permit is required in most cities in BC. A load calculation is required for the permit. The electrician will do this for you.
(3) Your homeowners insurance may become void if you install a level 2 fast charger without an electrician or proper permits. ZAPBC is not an insurance provider or expert therefore customers should seek independent advice in this regard.

What days of the week do the electricians work?
The electricians are available to book installations appointments for you, Monday through Friday between 8:00am and 4:00pm.

Do I have to get my own permit or will the electrician do that?
The electrician can look after getting the permit for you. In fact we recommend this as in order to obtain a permit a load calculation must be done.

What cities require permits?
All cities require permits (and load calculations) for the installation of EV chargers, that is why we include this in our service.

Do I have to pay for the permit?
Yes, the cost will be included in your installation cost quote.

If the electrician has to cut through any drywall to install my charger, will they be responsible for repair, or will I?
The electrician will do a clean knife cut to remove drywall if/when necessary and will put the cut out back in. The electrician will NOT repair drywall. Taping, sanding, paint, paint-matching or anything beyond replacing the cut-out is the responsibility of the home owner.

How will the electrician do all the wiring that is required?
They will only so surface mount wiring. This helps to avoid expense, drywall cut-outs and all kinds of repairs that the homeowner would be responsible for. This method is the preferred and common practice.

Why should I print and have a copy of my application details with me when the electrician arrives?
You should have this handy because there may need to be adjustments made to the rough estimate. If that is the case the electrician will be able to point out and differences that may impact the overall cost of installation.

How do I know if I need a hardwired charger or a plug in charger?
This will depend on (1) where you want the charger installed and (2) your home’s unique electrical wiring situation. However, it should be noted that all chargers that are installed outdoors must be hardwired. Plug-in chargers cannot be installed outdoors even if the customer requests this.

Why can’t I install a plug-in charger outdoors?
(1) Outdoor plug-in chargers can be very easily stolen or damaged (2) electrical permit violations. Our program does not install plug-in chargers in outdoor locations.


Why do I have to have a WiFi (internet connection)?
In order to receive an incentive from our program, you have to activate the charger on the ChargePoint network. In order to do that, you must have a WiFi (internet connection).

Do I have to pay anything to be connected to the ChargePoint network?
No. All you need is an internet connection. You only pay whatever you currently pay to your current internet service provider.

If I get a WiFi (internet connection) installed, can I apply to your program after it’s installed?
Yes. But you still need to have your own electrical meter. We also suggest that when you get a WiFi (internet connection) installed, you make sure that the technician confirms that the signal reaches the point of installation. In other words, if the charger is to be installed in your garage (or other location that is a distance from the WiFi router), make sure the WiFi (internet connection) signal reaches the garage, and that there are a minimum of 2 bars (signal strength) showing.

If I have a WiFi (internet connection) but the signal isn’t strong enough to reach the location where I want the charger installed, how do I fix this?
There are a couple options. You can purchase and install a signal booster; most stores that sell computer equipment sell these appliances. Alternatively, the electrician can include the cost of a signal booster in your quote. If you indicate in your application that the WiFi (internet connection) signal is weak the Foreseeson Technology Inc. will discuss your options with you.

Do I have to create a ChargePoint account and activate my station?
Yes. In order to receive an incentive from our program you will have to activate your ChargePoint Home charger. In order to activate your station, you will need to create a ChargePoint account, which requires a credit card (in case you want to charge at public charging stations). Your credit card will not be charged until you use a public charging station on the ChargePoint network. Your ChargePoint account allows you to easily charge at any of ChargePoint’s more than 50,000 public chargers in North America. Download the ChargePoint mobile app to create your ChargePoint account, or create your account on your computer.


What data is collected through the WiFi (internet connection)?
The data collected will include: (1) the dates and times that the charger is connected to an electric vehicle; (2) the dates and times that the charger is actively charging an electric vehicle; and (3) the electricity usage and average power draw of the charger, provided in 15 minute intervals; and the current status of the connection of the charger to the Network.

What is the data used for?
The data will be shared by ChargePoint with ZAPBC. ZAPBC may use the data to conduct research and to produce reports, publications, and presentations. All personally-identifiable information will remain confidential and will never be disclosed by ZAPBC to any third party.

Who collects the data from my charger?
ChargePoint collects the data. In fact, they collect the data on all the EV chargers that are connected to their network both in Canada and across the US and including public, commercial and private in-home chargers.

In order to receive our incentive discount, you cannot use another company or install any other type of charger, or do the installation yourself. Foreseeson Technology, Inc. is the only approved program partner for the ZAPBC Program.


What is a rough estimate, and why is it called that?
A rough estimate is a price that Foreseeson Technology Inc. will determine based on the information you provide in your application. Because they have not yet seen or visited your home when they give you the quote, it has to be considered a rough estimate. The electrician will have a copy of the information you provide in the application. He/she will walk you through the installation process and identify if there are any discrepancies between your home and the application. He/she will then provide you with a formal (final) quote and explain where any differences in cost might be. This is why it’s important for you to download, keep and have a copy of the application details with you when the electrician arrives. That way you know exactly what the cost changes are for, if there are any.

If there are no differences he/she will proceed with the installation.

If there are differences he/she will provide you with the increased/decreased cost estimate. At that point you can decide “yes” proceed, I will pay the difference, or “no” don’t proceed.

If you choose, “no” don’t proceed, then you will receive a refund of the rough estimate payment you have already made, less a $150 service fee for the electrician’s time to visit and assess your home.

Why is there a $150 service fee that is not returned to me if I don’t proceed with the installation?
Our electricians are all red seal electricians. They have to be paid for their time, even if they do not install your charger.

Why do you do the rough estimate thing? Why don’t you just have the electrician come to my home and give me a price then?
The short answer is it’s cheaper for you. If we did not give you a rough estimate the electrician would have to make 2 trips to your home (1) To assess your home to determine a fixed price quote and, (2) to come back to do the actual installation. Providing the details about your home in the application gives Foreseeson Technology Inc. the ability to provide you with a rough estimate. This information is then passed to the electrician and as a result he/she will not have to come to your home twice, and be paid twice. This reduces the overall cost of installation for the applicant and ensures that you only have to make arrangements to be home to be there for the installation one time.

How do I get the incentive money? Will you mail me a cheque?
No. When Foreseeson Technology, Inc. provides you with a rough estimate the $1,100 incentive will be deducted from the total cost of your complete and installed EV charging solution.

When do I pay for the installation costs?
When Foreseeson Technology, Inc. calls you to confirm your application details, they will provide you with a rough estimate. At that time you will decide to accept it, or not. If you accept the cost you will book an installation appointment, and you will be asked to pay the rough estimate amount. You will need to have a VISA or MasterCard in order to pay for this. The $1,100 incentive will be deducted from the total rough estimate cost.

Why do I have to have a VISA or MasterCard?
At this time, these are the only 2 forms of payment we are able to accept. If this changes in the future, we will post that information on our website.

Do I have to provide my credit card information over the phone?
Yes. You will have to pre-pay the rough estimate charges when you book the appointment, over the phone. When the electrician arrives and completes the installation you will sign a Checklist Form to confirm any additional costs (if any) from the original estimate, and to approve the charges on your credit card.

Do I need a credit card for anything other than the installation costs?
Yes. In order to receive an incentive from our program you will have to connect your charger to the ChargePoint network. You will also need a credit card to set up an account with ChargePoint which allows you to easily charge at any of ChargePoint’s 40,000 public chargers in North America. This can be done via your mobile phone app or on any tablet or computer.

Can I use another company or can I only get my installation done by Foreseeson Technology, Inc.?
No. In order to receive our incentive discount, you cannot use another company or install any other type of charger, or do the installation yourself. Foreseeson Technology, Inc. is the only approved program partner for the ZAPBC Program.

How is PST and GST calculated in my quote? What does GST or PST apply to?
ChargePoint Charger & 3-Year Service Plan Bundle – both GST and PST apply.
Installation Costs – only GST applies.

What do I do if my charger isn’t working?
STEP 1 – Visit the ChargePoint Troubleshooting page to see if you can solve the problem quickly on your own.
STEP 2 – Please call Foreseeson Technology Inc., at 1-877-239-6077 for assistance.

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