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Option 2 – FAQs

ZAPBC is not a provincial or federal government program. The funding for incentives comes from a private source.


Is ZAPBC a government program?
No. ZAPBC is not a provincial or federal government program. The funding for the incentives comes from a private corporation who wishes to remain anonymous.

Are there any limits to the number of complete EV charging solutions I can get installed in my home?
Yes. Currently each homeowner is limited to 1 installation per household. If for any reason you need more than 1 installation, please contact us and provide us with the details. We will make exceptions for additional installations on a case-by-case basis.

Why do I have to apply to the program first, in order to get a rebate?
We have a limited amount of funding, therefore we ask customers to apply to our program so we are able to keep track of how many rebates will be claimed.

How many rebates are available?
For the 2019 calendar year we have 1,000 rebates available.

If I don’t own the home (rental, lease or other arrangement) do I have to get written permission from my landlord to apply to your program?
We suggest you get written permission from your Landlord to install a charger because there will be alterations made to the property and your Landlord will likely want to know about that (please check your lease and/or agreement with your Landlord). This permission does not have to be submitted to ZAPBC. This is something that applicants are completely and independently responsible for. ZAPBC only includes this question to ensure applicants have taken this into consideration.


Why do I have to have to keep the box my charger was purchased in?
In order to receive a rebate from our program, you will need to submit a photo cut-out of the UPC code and serial number for the charger. Click here to view an example.

What happens if I already recycled the box?
The Rebate Documentation Requirements were articulated in the application process. You agreed at that time to keep the box until you submitted your rebate claim. If you did not keep the box and therefore cannot submit a photo of the UPC code and serial number as identified by the link above, you will not be eligible for a rebate under our program.


Why do I have to have a wifi (internet connection)?
In order to receive a rebate from our program, you have to activate the charger on the ChargePoint network and also connect to the ZAPBC organization. In order to do that, you must have a wifi (internet connection).

If I have a wifi (internet connection) but the signal isn’t strong enough to reach the location where I want the charger installed, how do I fix this?
There are a couple options. You can purchase and install a signal booster; most stores that sell computer equipment sell these appliances.


Do I have to connect to the ChargePoint network?
Yes. In order to receive an incentive from our program you will have to connect your charger to the ChargePoint Inc. network. You will also need a credit card to set up an account with ChargePoint Inc. which allows you to easily charge at any of ChargePoint’s 40,000 public chargers in North America. This can be done via your mobile phone app or on any tablet or computer.

Why do I have to provide a credit card to ChargePoint?
This is a ChargePoint requirement. Please review the frequently asked questions here. When you have an account, you can charge your EV at any of the public chargers noted above. Some of those charging locations (a good example is downtown Vancouver) charge you to park in the stall and charge your vehicle.

Does your program make money off the hydro I use when I charge my car at home?
No. The only costs you will pay for hydro after installation will be billed to you by BC Hydro, in other words, the electricity you use in your home includes your charger therefore, your hydro bill will include the hydro you use to charge your vehicle.

When I connect to the ChargePoint network will the physical location of my charger (my home address) appear on the public charging map?
No. Only public use commercial chargers are identified on ChargePoint’s maps so that if you are driving, for example, to a shopping mall, you can look to see if they have charging stations there that you can use if they are available.


What data is collected through the WiFi (internet connection)?
The data collected will include: (1) the dates and times that the charger is connected to an electric vehicle; (2) the dates and times that the charger is actively charging an electric vehicle; and (3) the electricity usage and average power draw of the charger, provided in 15 minute intervals; and the current status of the connection of the charger to the Network.

What is the data used for?
The data will be shared by ChargePoint with ZAPBC. ZAPBC may use the data to conduct research and to produce reports, publications, and presentations. All personally-identifiable information will remain confidential and will never be disclosed by ZAPBC to any third party.

Who collects the data from my charger?
ChargePoint collects the data. In fact, they collect the data on all the EV chargers that are connected to their network both in Canada and across the US and including public, commercial and private in-home chargers.

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