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Connect Your Charger – Troubleshooting

Common Charger Connection Problems

Potential Problem #1 – A US-based Account, not a Canadian-based Account

Your account was set-up on the ChargePoint US (American) site, and not the ChargePoint CA (Canada) site.

We are unable to verify your charging stations’ activation status if you are not set-up on the ChargePoint Canada network.

To check which site your account was set-up under follow these steps:

On your ChargePoint app, open the main menu, click Account, click My Profile, and then look at the Account #.

If it starts with DCA then it is a Canadian-based account and this is not the problem.

If it starts with DNA it is a US-based account. You will have to create a new account on the Canadian site. If you have to create a new US-based account, you will need to use a different email address to create this account.

Please note, ZAPBC staff cannot assist you with ChargePoint charger technical connection issues.

Potential Problem #2 – You Need to Deactivate Your Charger from a US-based Account

If you created a US-based ChargePoint account, and activated your charger. You may need to deactivate your charger (to “unlink” the connection to your US-based account) and activate it again once you create your Canadian account.

To deactivate go to:

  • Main menu
  • Home Charger
  • Settings
  • Reset to Factory Defaults
  • Yes

Potential Problem #3 – Activation Steps Were Not Completed Properly

Check to see if your charger was activated properly.

Access the ChargePoint App on your mobile device (phone, tablet, etc).

From the Main menu, click on Home Charger.

If screen #2 appears then the station has been activated (This screenshot shows a home charger that has been activated but is currently offline, so your screen may be slightly different).

If screen #3 appears and says “Set up your ChargePoint Home to start charging…” then you have not activated the charger.

Complete the steps to Activate Your Charger again.

This is our Connect Your Charger page, and Activation starts at Step 2.

Potential Problem #4 – WiFi Connection or Signal

The WiFi signal at the installation location is too weak to transmit the signal. Stand beside your charger with a WiFi enabled device such as a phone or tablet.

If you have FULL bars (Excellent signal strength), this is NOT the problem.

If you don’t have FULL bars (Good, Fair, Poor signal strength) you may need to purchase a WiFi range extender.

See the “I don’t have WiFi coverage in my desired installation location” under ChargePoint Home Flex Troubleshooting for a list of some extenders that have been tested with ChargePoint Home.

Potential Problem #5 – Your Mobile Device does not have Bluetooth Turned On

Make sure you are standing near the charging station and that Bluetooth is turned on. The phone communicates with your home charger using Bluetooth, so it’s best to be standing within a few feet of the station when activating it.

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